Monty Banks In New Orleans

Monty Banks In New Orleans

Monty Banks- In New Orleans

by Dean Shapiro
New Orleans Breakthru Media Magazine, 2015

“Seattle native, Las Vegas Strip veteran and now a fully acclimated New Orleanian, pianist/vocalist Monty Banks is a refreshing blast from the past … Comparisons to Harry Connick Jr. would not be off the mark here … Banks’ mastery of the 88s shines through … a cheerful, uplifting feel to it …. You can’t help but feel the urge to sing along with him…”

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Monty Banks Takes Las Vegas –

Monty Banks does it his way

“Monty Banks is climbing the Strip ladder, playing Las Vegas old-style”

“Monty Banks… is one of the few performers in town deserving of the phrase, ‘can’t miss.’ A breath of life from old Vegas…. Banks is like a straight shot back to the Rat Pack days, a Vegas lounge singer who loves his audience and performing with class and style.

by Molly Brown ,  Vegas Weekly

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Lounge king Monty Banks started playing his old-school-singer & ivory-tickler stylings around here back in ’91, well before the cocktail nation craze, and now finds himself mostly working down in entertainment’s vast holy land of Las Vegas. To those many Seattleites fortunate enough to have celebrated life with Monty, it is surely of little surprise. The man is made for the Strip.”

“Monty carries himself with the … confidence found only among true professionals.”

by James Kirchmer,  The Stranger

Monty Banks and his showgirls did the scene proud

by Rock Chick, Las Vegas Weekly

” What’s Hot in Seattle …the Rat Pack inspired Monty Banks”

by W. Clark HumphreySeattle Magazine

Lounge favorite Monty Banks tinkling on the keys, this is a most professional party band.”

by Grant Cogswell, The Stranger

“Monty has the mark of a great entertainer
: He actually pays attention to what the songs are about. When he plays them, you get everything the writer intended. Monty’s not histrionic about it or anything, but there’s a force and a presence there. A lot of other Vegas acts would do well to pay attention. ”

From “Authentic lounge: Bandleader attracts fans of all ages with his distinctive old-school beat ”
by Josh Ellis, The Las Vegas Mercury

“It doesn’t get any more old school Vegas than this…”

Geoff Carter,

“Piano-playing lounge god Monty Banks”

by Dayvid Figler, Las Vegas Mercury

Lounge kings Monty Banks the High Rollers…”

by Jeff Inman ,

“A genuine maestro of Northwest Lounge Culture
–keyboard player and song stylist, Mr. Monty Banks…”

by Armand Nex, Organ and Bongos.

The Showbox Music Club grooved to the big-band-era sounds of Seattle’s Monty Banks and the High Rollers

by Justino Aguila,  Seattle Times

Monty Banks, one of the most frequently performing pianists and singers around, has front-line experience with the increasing popularity of the “swing scene.”

by Erika Jacobs, Swaank Magazine